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September Celebrations Prove Belize Is Becoming a Hot Travel & Retirement Destination

The September Celebrations that take place all month long truly highlight the spectacular progress that this gem of a nation has made in the past 35 years. With more than a third of the country set aside as protected park land and nature reserves, a stable government dedicated to internal improvements, and a strong focus [...]

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Belize Tourism Industry Association promoting Corozal

The Belize Tourism Industry Association promoting Corozal, of which Mark Leonard is a board member in conjunction with the Belize Tourism Board is working to increase Tourism visits to Corozal. A few years back Corozal Town was dealt a very serious setback with the Belize Ministry of Tourism without the input of The Belize Tourism Industry [...]

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Clinical Services coming near Cerros Sands!

Clinical Services Coming Soon Clinical Services coming near Cerros Sands in Chunox. Chunox is just minutes away from The Village of Copper Bank and Cerros Sands. A Polyclinic has broken ground in Chunox. This facility will be able to provide 24 hour medical care 7 days a week. The polyclinics in Belize provide numerous medical [...]

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WestJet to Belize – Canadian carrier flying non-stop to Belize City

WestJet Flights Belize Pretty Kewl.. This comes on the heels of Southwests announcement of direct flights from Denver to Belize. This will make Real Estate in Belize even more attractive. WestJet adds Belize to list of sun destinations. Time to invite all your friends from Toronto! They become the only Canadian carrier flying non-stop to [...]

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Opportunity to Buy Real Estate in Belize

Looking For The Perfect Opportunity to Buy Real Estate in Belize? Look no further You can't help but notice the increase in carriers and flights coming into Belize. This increase is far more important to the economy of Belize as these folks coming in are staying for many nights and not just a day like [...]

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Cerros Sands New Website

Cerros Sands New Website We invite you to take a peek on our re-designed website for Cerros Sands, one of the best Belize Real Estate opportunities available . We hope this re-design allows you easier freedom to move our website about as you explore our community. A video with a wealth of information has been [...]

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Driving Directions and Maps of Belize

Driving Directions and Maps of Belize You can reach Cerros Sands by both Orange Walk or Corozal Town. From Belize City, drive North towards Orange Walk. Driving Directions from Orange Walk: At the 1st Orange Walk "roundabout" stay to the right and follow the signs to San Estevan. The next village will be Progresso, you [...]

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Advantages of Living and Retiring in Belize

More and more people are living and retiring to Belize, taking advantage of the affordable cost of living, friendly people, gorgeous weather, and affordable real estate prices. With prices far lower than other popular destinations like Costa Rica, Belize is an ideal mix of modern conveniences and a laid-back Caribbean lifestyle. Below are a few advantages [...]

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