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All Building Concepts must be submitted to the Architectural Committee for review. This should be done before an architect begins work or your plans. The Cerros Sands Architectural Guidelines has been put in place to protect your investment as well as the integrity of Cerros Sands.


Zoning, Minimum Building Requirements & Setbacks


(R-1)  Single Family Residential – 1 home per parcel. All Residential parcels currently on Inventory are R-1. These parcels cannot be subdivided.


Minimum square footage exclusive of garage.


Beachfronts            1800 Square Feet

Beach-view             1400 Square Feet

Channel                  1400 Square Feet


R-1 Residential Construction Setbacks


Side Yards:                    10’

Main Road:                    40’

Beachfront:                    25’ from the Beachfront Reserve.

Channel:                        25’ from the Channel Reserve

Beach View:                  40’ from of the property lot line with theBbeachfront property


Exempt: Pools, Patios, Decks, Balconies and Stairwells.
Cul-de-sacs are the access for the beachfront and beach-view parcels.


Residential Parcel designations may not be changed to ensure the integrity of our Community.


The following designations may be used in the Future. We envision these designations in the development of the Marina Specific Plan for Duplexes, Townhomes and Condominiums.


R-2    2 Homes or Units per parcel

R-3    3 Homes or Units per parcel

R-4    Multi-Unit Residential (Condominiums or Planned-Unit Developments)


C – Commercial


C-BB          Commercial Bed and Breakfast Parcels 808 & 809

C-M            Commercial Marina

C-O            Commercial Office

C-R            Commercial Retail

C-RES       Commercial Resort Parcels 852 – 855 & 768

C-S            Commercial Services


Commercial Parcel designations may be changed to increase the desirability of our Community.


Currently only C-BB and C-RES are in use and the property parcels are identified above.


C-BB may be used as two residential R-1 Parcels.


NOTE:  R-E, R-2, R-3, R-4 & C: Proposals may be submitted for review by the Architectural Committee and the Developer. We encourage proposals.