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Great Investment

Great Investment – The K’inich Ahau

Cerros Sands Homes for Sale

The K’inich Ahau – A Luxury Custom Home at Cerros Sands

811 Rio Frio Caves Way

A unique luxury home with its styling of Mayan Tradition is designed as a mutli-purpose home. We believe it serves as an excellent investment

It can be one residence, two separate residences a ground Floor and an Upper level. Each one of these living areas can be further separated into a Master suite with Kitchen, living and dining room with the other bedroom with private bath as another option, literally creating four rental units. Each floor has a utility room.

Presently the home is being used by the developer. The Ground Floor being used as a office and family room with a master suite.

This home is completely self-reliant, completely off-grid. Bring your cell-phone and you will be set to go!

The Upper Floor has the Kitchen in place, the floor plan was left a bit more open as at this time we are not using it as two separate living areas.

Overall Interior Floor space is over 3500 square feet.

Features include:

* 4 bedroom and 4 baths
* Each floor has two balconies totaling over 600 square feet
* Engineered to exceed Florida Standards. Pilings are driven to Bedrock.
* Tiled Patios Roadside and Seaside totally over 2000 square feet
* Completely Usable Roof-Top of over 2100 Square Feet with two “Temple” storage areas.
* Two 15,000 Gallons Cisterns for 30,000 gallons of Water Storage
* Engineered Sanitation System with additional Soak-aways, Leech Field and Separate Grey Water Systems.
* Interior and Exterior Stairwells.
* Solar array with 12 panels, 16 batteries and Outback Equipment.
* All fixtures are what you would expect to see in a Luxury Home.
* Additional Storage under the Dwelling

Price $549,000

The Mariner

The Mariner at Cerros Sands

778 Cerros Lane

This Custom home is built on parcel 778 on the channel where you can have your own dock right behind your home.

Features include:

* 2 bedroom & 2 bath home
* Street side patio that could be enclosed.
* 26,000 Gallons of Water Storage
* Usable Roof-Top for relaxing or entertaining
* Boat slip was been excavated
* Solar System
* Engineered Sanitation System

Price is $249,000