Living in Belize – A Dream Being Realized

Living in Belize at Cerros Sands is now becoming a reality for another happy couple who affectionately call their home to be “Ewa & Les Nest”.

Like so many others Ewa and Les purchased their property with a view of living in beautiful Belize with all it has to offer.

The work on their “Nest” (home) has begun with initial excavation well underway. The excavation work team takes great care at every stage of construction. All home construction at Cerros Sands begins with a solid foundation.  During the past few weeks the team has been busy ensuring that the base of the home begins at a minimum of 8 feet above sea level. This will elevate the parcel for an enhanced view and protection.

Purchasing a parcel of land at Cerros Sands is easy and financing is available. Once purchased, the necessary paperwork is completed and a local architect is engaged.  Building commences at the discretion of the home owner.

Owner / Developer Mark Leonard works closely with home owners and oversees the entire project.

Cerros Sands is a great choice for anyone looking to build a permanent or seasonal home. Visit for more information. 


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