Murray and Laurie’s Dream Home

Construction is progressing on Murray and Laurie’s dream home at Cerros Sands

After purchasing a parcel of land, the next step is securing a contractor to build the home that you’ve always wanted. A custom home that you design. Those who purchase a parcel of land at Cerros Sands can choose the Contractor of their choice. In this case, Murray and Laurie engaged the services of the Cerros Sands work team. The work team is diligent and adheres to precise plans created by architect.

The timing of construction is entirely dependent on the homeowner. They call the shots on all facets of the build. Owner / Developer Mark Leonard works with homeowners in a flexible and professional manner to help them realize their dream.

Cerros Sands is a master planned gated community located in the Corozal District of Norther Belize. Website can be found at



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