April 2018

Moving to Belize From Colorado – Plan Your Move Now!

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Tired of rising housing prices, underpaying jobs, traffic jams, and shivering through yet another long winter? The perfect antidote to modern life in Colorado is found in the tiny nation of Belize. Recently, the Denver Post asked its readers who have left the state to share the reasons why they left. A combination of poor [...]

Moving from Texas to Belize? Here are 5 Reasons to Get Excited

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In recent years, many Texans have been moving to Belize in droves, and it's easy to see why. Just a three-hour flight from Dallas or Houston, Belize feels like another world where exotic wildlife and pristine Caribbean landscapes, a vibrant expat community, and a low cost of living make Belize a very attractive new home [...]

March 2018

What You Can Expect From Easter in Belize

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Easter in Belize Easter is one of the most popular times of year to visit Belize, but this Central American country has its own unique take on how to celebrate the most important religious festival on the calendar. In Catholic communities, the Easter holiday is a seven-day affair, with street processions throughout Holy Week. In Belize, however, the Easter period only officially [...]

Belize going green, phasing out plastic bags and foam plates

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On March 20, 2018, the Cabinet of Belize approved a proposal that will completely phase out the sale and use of single-use plastic shopping bags as well as Styrofoam and plastic silverware, plates, bowls, and cups. Vendors in Belize will have until April 22, 2019, to stop selling single-use shopping bags, items made from Styrofoam, [...]

Living the Green Life in Beautiful Belize

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Belize is rapidly becoming the most forward-looking countries in terms of taking pro-active steps to protect its environment. On February 18, 2018, the government of Belize announced that it will impose a 45-square mile (110-square kilometer) biological corridor in the northeast of the country. Although more than half of Belize's territory is already a protected conservation area, the new [...]

Belize Takes 5th Spot in Americans’ Home Buying Destinations Ranking

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Buying a home in Belize In a recent survey published by Point 2 Homes, an influential real estate news website, Belize is the fifth-most popular destination for Americans buying real estate in countries in the Western Hemisphere. First and second place were reserved for America's NAFTA partners Mexico and Canada, and the American-ruled territory of [...]

Where to Buy Property in Corozal District, Belize

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Belize is divided into six districts which are similar to states (in the United States) or provinces (Canada). The northernmost district in Belize is Corozal District, which shares a long border with the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. Corozal District is rapidly emerging as the go-to destination for expats, investors, and retirees. Once the heart [...]

February 2018

Belize: An English-speaking and Picture-perfect Spot for Retirement

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Recently, the business news channel CNBC featured seven different English-speaking overseas destinations that are perfect for retirement. The CNBC article described several different locations that offer a number of incredible benefits such as a lower cost of living, great weather, and the fact that retirees won't have to learn a new language. One destination given [...]

Enjoying the Good Life in Belize

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Enjoy the Good Life in Belize When You Retire at Cerro Sands One of the best things that people like about living in Belize is the way that time seems to slow down. Instead of rushing and bustling about, people in Belize move at a more Caribbean pace where there's always time to say hello [...]

Belize Dives To Put On Your List

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If you’re considering retiring to Belize, you’re likely looking forward to a life of relaxation and beauty. There’s also a lot to keep you active in this wonderful country, however, which is certainly a good thing to keep in mind. One thing you might consider in this regard is diving, if you aren’t already interested. [...]