10 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Say No to Belize Real Estate in 2019

Have you been living with regrets because you turned down past opportunities to invest in real estate? Have you watched friends or family grow wealthy because they invested? It happens. You mull. Talk to family. In the end, decide not to take the risk. 

Don’t let this happen again. Belize real estate ownership is not just easy and affordable, but if you say yes, you can kiss those former regrets goodbye.

We offer 10 great reasons to say yes to investing in the Belize market. There are more. If these don’t tempt you, we urge you to pass this information along to friends and families eager to expand their holdings! 

1. Fly back and forth as often as you like to visit friends and family or manage your property thanks to a dramatic increase in the number major airlines servicing Belize. Visit https://cerrossands.com/flights-to-belize/ to make sure your preferred airliner is on the list. 

2. Belize real estate has been heating up because the number of year-round visits from retirees and tourists has literally exploded. A rich market means you have your pick of everything from waterfront to in-town properties at prices you can’t match anywhere. 

3. Buying real estate is a breeze thanks to Belize laws that make purchasing and owning everything from residential to commercial properties an easy process. Work with our banking, legal and real estate companies. Don’t be surprised if the process is easier than it was when you bought property back home. 

4. Belize’s Qualified Retirement Program (QRP) declares you officially retired at age 45. Tax breaks? Believe your eyes: you’ll pay no capital gains taxes, property taxes are low and if you rent out your investment, you’ll be taxed at less than 2-percent of your gross income. 

5. Communities like Cerros Sands (http://cerrossands.com) in Corozal are driving the investment market forward in Belize. This planned community is the brainchild of a U.S. developer who knows a thing or two about creating an idyllic world that meets the same standards you demand back home. 

6. Bring everything you want to Belize if you decide to occupy the real estate you buy. Belize won’t pay your shipping bill, but under the QRP, you’re welcome to bring cars, furnishings and other large items duty-free. 

7. There are no language barriers that prevent you from negotiating the best real estate deal of your life. Everyone speaks English and the government statutes that regulate property sales are easy to understand. 

8. Your U.S. or Canadian dollars are worth more in Belize than they are at home. This means that the real estate in which you invest gets you a larger property with more amenities because your money stretches further. 

9. You rarely have to leave home to get your fill of recreational activities if you live in Belize. Expect lush surroundings, cultural diversity and a lifestyle that is so laid back, your memory will fast forget the rushed, stressed-out, heart-pounding environment you lived with 24/7. 

10. Invest in a community like Cerros Sands and you immediately inherit an entire community of like-minded friends. Retirees of all ages love welcoming new community members into their world. We have it on good authority that the transition from northern living to Belize-style bliss often takes only a day or two!

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