2004 Progress Report at Cerros Sands

Fourth Quarter of 2004

2004 Progress Report at Cerros Sands

Two miles of main and community roads completed to date. Roads to wells sites 1 and 2 completed. Our community Beach road is now servicing over 40 properties. A local Drilling company is working with our water system designers to identify locations for our first two community wells. Consulting Engineers Ltd., Philip C. Freytag, P.E. of Corozal is formerly brought aboard to handle our Sanitation and on our Drainage requirements. Our nursery is receiving its 1st plants and trees for replanting. The Lands and Health department has completed their on-site visit. We are completing the addittional infromation requested by these departments. Map revisions are being completed. Mark Leonard visited Belmopan and has been introduced to Prime Minister Musa as well as other Honorable Ministers and Area Representives. Our first community service project is sponsoring a Soccer Tournament in Corozal. We are also cooperating with The Town Board in Ranchito (home of our office in the Corozal) to provide better access to properties adjoining our office.

Third Quarter of 2004

Barrow and Williams Attorneys of Belize City, process the final papers and the property is conveyed to Cerros Sands Ltd. Main access road to our site is completed by Johnny’s Construction. Johnny Sebastian of Corozal enlisted to contract for on-site survey work. Philip Freytag, P.E. of Consulting Engineers, Ltd of Corozal is asked to consult on our Drainage requirements. Survey has been completed on most of these parcels.Tom McMakin of Corozal joins development team and receives 1st Phase Maps to design the Water System for our 1st Phase. Johnny’s Construction,Johnny Trummer of Corozal begins clearing and road work on main access road. KCA Engineers, Inc Peter Bekey of San Francisco joins team as Consulting Engineers and Planners. Floyd Harley of Pittsburg, California joins development team as Design Consultant and Survey Coordinator. Pacific Standby Power, John Udovich of Antioch, California joins development team to as our power consultant. Geo-Tech Security, George Iaconis of Pittsburg, California is enlisted to handle our security component. Jim Dubrey of the San Francisco East Bay Horsemen’s Association joins the development team as consultant on the Equestrian component. Optic Solutions of Spokane, Marty Scofield signs letter of intent for consultation for Telecommunications.

Second Quarter of 2004

Cerros Sands Ltd enters into agreement to acquire the property. Requests for Bids for Road Work and Land Clearing have gone out to two companies in Corozal. With authorization of the current owners Vasquez Construction of Corozal begins clearing and construction for an access road and first roads within Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros.

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