2007 Progress Report at Cerros Sands

4th quarter of 2007

2007 Progress Report at Cerros Sands

Our priority is to begin building homes in 2008. The home plans designed by Mitchell & Moody are over 2500 square feet. We are looking into more plans with much more diversity in square footage. Evcavation of the channel continues.

3rd Quarter of 2007

Central Construction Ltd. of Corozal is finishing our 1st culvert. This culvert has been alot more work than originally thought and a new design is being utilized. Do keep in mind we are working 10+ feet below sea level. Now we know what it will take to complete the two other culverts required in Phase 1 on the North end. The channel design has been expanded again to include another channel wrapping behind the first channel, but only on the North end. Our channel is awesome, the channel walls are strong enough to support a tractor running along its bank. A picture of this is on the website. We feel the best method and design for docks will be actually cutting a docking area on the lot, thereby creating even more protection boats from other boaters and storms.

With the hurricane season upon us and two hurricances tracking towards Belize alot of eyes where upon us. Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros received minimal damage losing some trees and causing damage to the Palapa’s Tops on our jetties out on the Sea. One has been fixed and the other will be fixed shortly. The damaged trees where necessary, have be removed. We have ane ongoing Tree planting program and if necessary it will be be moved up slightly. We have sourced numerous vendors that can get us more trees than we require.

Johnston International has also been contacted to build at Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros. We have asked Mitchell-Moody, our architects, to send our designs to Johnston for their review.

2nd Quarter of 2007

Cental Construction Ltd. of Corozal is working on our 1st culvert. This will allow water to flow through our channel system to the sea with the tides to keep water constantly moving throughout our waterways.

We are continuing excavation work on the channel and marina area. Another two sub-contractors have been brought into Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros, one to assist Central Construction Ltd. with work on the culvert and another filling parcels and distributing soils thoughout our community. Our channel is a great source of fill and road material. Landscaping work is also being done. We may begin growing our own plants and trees to allow us to easily plant to keep up with our progress. Another International Marketing company is also doing its diligence on Cerros Sands at Playa de Cerros and we expect to finalize a marketing agreement once their legal department gives its approval.

1st Quarter of 2007

Cental Construction Ltd. of Corozal has been awarded the contract for the Culverts for our Channel. Work is scheduled to begin in later this year. Beach Improvement is continuing, dramatic improvements can be seen as visitors fly to Corozal from San Pedro. More trees and now some plants have been placed in our planters on the cul-de-sacs. Excavtion work continues on the Channel as well as the Marina Area.

International Living has approved our project for their marketing program.

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