Getting From Mexico City to Chetumal and Belize City

Tourism keeps booming as Belize has been experiencing double-digit growth in overnight visitors, and it's now easier than ever to get to Belize, particularly the country's northernmost Corozal District. Belize is sure to get another huge boost in international attention when the Discovery Channel broadcasts live direct from Belize's Great Blue Hole on December 2, [...]

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The 7 Best Reasons to Move to Belize

With wonderful year-round weather, low population density, and easy access to major cities across North America, it's no wonder that more and more people are choosing to move to Belize. If you've ever considered moving to Belize, here are seven great reasons why you should: The People World-renowned for their friendliness and hospitality, the people [...]

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Belize’s Thriving Afro-Caribbean Community

The BBC recently published an article on one of the most interesting cultures in the world, the Garifuna people, also sometimes known as "Black Caribs." The story of Garifuna begins way back in 1635 when a slave ship capsized off the coast of St. Vincent in the Caribbean. Survivors made their way onto the island [...]

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Belize Is the Caribbean’s Fastest-Growing Destination

When people think of the Caribbean, they tend to think of island nations like Cuba or Jamaica, so you might be surprised to learn that Belize is the fastest-growing destination in the Caribbean. Of course, Belize isn't an island nation although it does have over 400 offshore islands. But Belize is definitely a Caribbean nation [...]

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Why Belize Is a Great Alternative to Mexico or the Caribbean

Buy Real Estate in Belize Americans seeking to enjoy sun-kissed beaches and warm, tropical vacation destinations have increasingly been turning towards Belize as a great alternative to Mexico and the Caribbean. On April 15, 2018, business media site CNBC published an article that demonstrated how Central American destinations like Belize have generated more than $5 billion [...]

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