Belize: A Hot Caribbean Location For Home Buyers

Belize is becoming a coveted spot for home buyers and investors who want to own a piece of paradise in a friendly, safe and affordable location. With its ideal location close to the U.S. and Mexico, Belize offers an excellent opportunity to buyers who want to retire and enjoy a vibrant, tropical lifestyle. Why You [...]

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Life in Belize Gated Communities

Expats, retirees, and visitors considering making a permanent move to Belize soon learn that the best place to choose is a gated community. Although Belize is generally a safe and peaceful country, gated communities provide an extra layer of peace of mind knowing that you and your property are always being kept safe around the [...]

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7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Retire in Belize

A humorous article recently published in U.S. News & World Report by Kathleen Peddicord entitled "7 Reasons Not to Retire in Belize" provided a reverse psychology twist to pretend to describe why some retirees are not moving to the nation of Belize in Central America. Following the recent entry of one of Canada's leading airlines [...]

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The Safest Place to Live in Belize

Where is the safest place to live in Belize? The answer is Corozal District Many people who are considering moving to or investing in Belize get misled by somewhat confusing crime statistics. In reality, Belize is an incredibly safe country, especially for visitors, as the vast majority of untoward incidents occur between locals in a [...]

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Living in Luxury in Belize

Belize has become one of the biggest vacation destinations in Central America, but there's value in this country that goes well beyond serving as a weeklong vacation spot for adventurous travelers. Whether you're looking for a hot new investment opportunity or a place to retire, Belize has a lot to offer. What's especially great about [...]

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Belize’s Real Estate Boom Showcased at Cerros Sands, the Ultimate in Retirement Living

Once upon a time, the migration route between North America and Costa Rica looked like a buffalo stampede. Retirees and people weary of stress-filled lifestyles snapped up property like kids in candy stores. But in a relatively short amount of time, the cost of living and property purchase costs skyrocketed in that nation, turning this [...]

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Financial Times: Belize Real Estate Market is Booming

If you've ever thought about what it would be like to retire in Belize, the Financial Times newspaper recently published an article on the subject. According to the FT, Belize real estate is experiencing a tremendous boom thanks to sustained increases in the tourism sector. Once considered an exotic outpost for divers, survivalists, and drifters, Belize is rapidly [...]

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Living in Belize Vs. USA and Canada

There are countless reasons to visit Belize. From its hospitable native population to its abundance of gorgeous scenery, Belize is a true tropical wonderland. But too many Americans and Canadians think of Belize as simply a place to vacation rather than an opportunity to build a future. If you're looking for a great place to [...]

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