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Mark Leonard, originally from the U.S. and now living in Corozal, explained, “If you really want to see cultural plays or if you are used to going to the opera, you might as well forget all that.

A newer development in the area is Cerros Sands. Mark Leonard, the founder, said that the only cause of stress in Belize is deciding what to eat. “You are going to stress out about what you are going to have for breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner,” Leonard said. “If you can live with that, you would probably be fine. It’s that easy!”

Mark has a straight forward and no nonsense approach to his work but be sure that he believes in his work at Cerros Sands. In fact, he actually lives on the property.

He employees on a full time basis, dozens of Belizeans for construction, maintenance and security.

Mark has devoted his time, energy and resources to his vision for Cerros Sands.

Cerros Sands is a master planned gated community located in the Corozal District or Belize, Central America. Visit the Cerros Sands website at

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