5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Living in Belize

Belize is famous for being an exotic getaway vacation destination for newlyweds, families, and adventure travelers, but it is also increasingly attracting expats and retirees.

Once people decide to move to Belize, they quickly come to love their new home. Here are five reasons why you too will love living in Belize:

1 – The Food

Many Americans initially feel adrift when they can’t find the familiar fast food restaurants that they’re used to. The amazing diversity and freshness of the food in Belize quickly makes a lot of converts, each mouthful bursting with flavor.

Belize is a country where you can find fresh-caught seafood like lobster, conch, and fish as well as enjoy a bevy of organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables like oranges, coconuts, cacao (the principle ingredient of chocolate), cashews, and pineapples. Add in the abundance of cheap but delicious street food, and it’s easy to see why expats are in love with the food in Belize.

2 – The Language

Belize is the only country in the region where English is the official language, meaning you’ll never need to rely on a translator to get around, speak to people, or understand contracts and documents.

Most day-to-day interactions take place in Kriol (Creole), a melodious Caribbean take on standard English that is perfectly suited to the friendly, laid-back locals who speak it.

3 – The Great Outdoors

Few countries have such a wide diversity of different landscapes and outdoor activities to enjoy as in Belize. Whether you prefer more laid-back activities like hiking through pristine rainforests and bird watching or want to enjoy more adrenaline-fueled adventures like spelunking, cave tubing, and zip lining, there’s always a good reason to spend time outdoors when you live in Belize.

4 – The Locals

No one has ever quite figured out why Belizeans are so friendly and welcoming to people from all walks of life. It’s no exaggeration to say that expats are truly made to feel right at home by everyone Belize.

5 – The Lifestyle

Belize has no trains, and the country is the very anthesis to the punctuality and stress of modern life in North America. The laid-back, Caribbean attitude towards everything is highly conducive to feeling at ease, and expats love enjoying life at a slower and more human pace.

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