6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Properties in Belize Right Now

Do you suffer regrets because you were given opportunities to buy prime real estate in the past and out of an abundance of caution, you took a pass? There’s an easy way to assuage those regrets: realize that the time wasn’t right back then, but it is now—which is why Belize property should now be squarely on your radar.

The market is affordable, beachfront properties are available throughout the country and whether you want to buy investment property, a retirement home or a lot, Belize fits every one of your objectives.

Need more convincing before you take the leap? Follow the advice of Daniel Pink whose book “When” has set a new standard for scientifically understanding how timing is everything! Pink says that, “Our lives are a never-ending stream of “when” decisions: when to start a business, schedule a class, get serious about a person,” yet people make these decisions “based on intuition and guesswork.”

Does this sound familiar? We see you shaking your head. It’s not too late if you decide not to waste another moment feeling regret or wondering whether the time is right. It is. And Belize is the place for so many reasons.

Reason #1: More airlines than ever service Belize because the nation has become a tourist mecca. Included on the list are Aeromexico, Sun Country, Air Canada, Westjet, American, United, Delta, Southwest, Taca and Copa Airlines.

Reason #2: Belize’s official language is English, so you won’t have to fixate your eyes on a translation app as you shop for property and undertake the paperwork required to close on the property of your dreams.

Reason #3: Belize is British Common Law, as such you receive a Certificate of Title and you do not have to deal with Trusts and Attorneys.
Reason #4: Belize’s population density is the lowest on the planet. You couldn’t get claustrophobic if you tried! Whether you choose to live in a single-family house, condo or apartment, you’ll be able to spread out and breathe because floor plans in new construction are expansive.

Reason #5: You’ll need a bigger calendar to track your time. Belize’s festival schedule alone could fill up pages and recreational opportunities are so expansive, you could fill a second calendar with water sports, Mayan ruin tours, caving, jungle trekking and bird watching. Once you make friends, you’ll need a third for your social life.

Reason #6: While real estate prices have skyrocketed in neighboring Costa Rica, Mexico and other Caribbean rim nations, investors are just discovering Belize, so there are deals to be had. Consider, for example, Cerros Sands, a model start-up project with deep roots in U.S. engineering, architecture and design because our developer knows that shoppers want quality at reasonable prices.

A visit to the Cerros Sands site tells you all you need to know about this prime real estate, its desirability and amenities already in place that makes relocating here a safe and sane decision. The time to act is now-so you don’t pile more guilt atop the amount you’ve been carrying around for way too long!

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