7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Belize Real Estate

You Shouldn’t Buy Belize Real Estate (Yes, We’re Serious!)

Although Belize is experiencing a huge property boom as retirees and investors flock to grab premium properties before they get priced out of the market, you may want to be cautious before buying real estate in Belize.

Here are seven very good reasons to not buy property in Belize:

1 – You Like Cold, Snow, and Ice 

In the entire recorded history of Belize, snow has never fallen in the country. Likewise, there are no blizzards, ice storms, or long months of subzero temperatures.

2 – You Like Traffic Jams, Malls, and Fastfood Outlets 

Unfortunately, there are no McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Carl’s Junior, or Starbucks in Belize.
Residents just have to make do with a slower pace of life and plain old simple coffee in the morning.

3 – You Prefer the Hustle and Bustle of Big Cities 

The largest urban area in Belize is Belize City, and there are barely 80,000 people who call Belize City . If you’re looking for vast parking lots, honking cars, air pollution, and other amenities of big city life, Belize is definitely not right for you.

4 – You’re Obsessed Over Punctuality 

It’s not that people in Belize don’t own clocks or smartphones, it’s just that everything moves at a slower, more Caribbean pace. If you’re the kind of person who needs everything to run punctually and precisely, you definitely won’t find Belize a relaxing place to live.

5 – You Prefer Paying a Lot of Taxes 

Belize is a land where taxes are extremely low or non-existent. For instance, there are no capital gains taxes, and foreigners living in Belize pay no tax on income derived from outside the country. And even property taxes are just 1.5% of the unimproved value of the land, rarely amounting to more than $100 per year.

6 – You Hate Seafood 

In Belize, seafood is king. How could it not be? The country has hundreds of offshore islands and 250 miles of Caribbean coastline. Conch, fish, lobster, and other seafood is a staple in Belizean cuisine.

7 – You Don’t Like the Caribbean 

At just 60 miles wide, the Caribbean Sea is never far away when you live in Belize. Home to the largest coral reef system in the Northern Hemisphere, Belize is a paradise for people who enjoy fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing.

If you’re not put off by the limitations of living in Belize as described in this article, be sure to consider buying property at Cerros Sands.

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