7 Tips for Investing in Belize Real Estate

What motivates people to invest in real estate? “Forbes” magazine contributor John Larson says the answer is the desire for a physical asset with the potential to retain value and appreciate over time. Invest in real estate and you can look forward to receiving these 7 benefits according to Larson:

1. You could make money immediately
2. Enjoy long-term appreciation and equity building
3. Financing is available for investors without cash
4. Leverage your capital by mixing cash with a loan
5. Receive tax deductions
6. Your financing time commitment can be flexible
7. You manage your own risk.

But wait, you say. That Forbes piece is based on domestic investment properties, not Belize communities. Here’s the good news: Invest in a community like Cerros Sands and you not only take advantage of those benefits but you’ll spend less money to acquire prime beachfront property you couldn’t touch back in the States.

Belize loves investors. Investors love Belize even more.

This emerging market is hot thanks to ex-pats, retirees and investors who want it all. Even the government of Belize will give you a hand when you decide to go ahead with your plan since The Trusts Act of 1992 made wealth preservation, citizenship and other advantages yours for the asking. These 7 tips should get you on the next plane to Belize if you haven’t already booked your flight!

1. Property taxes will be the envy of friends and family back home. They’re super low. And the IRS doesn’t have to know anything about where you’ve spent your money unless you’re caught up in a legal matter.

2. You get exactly what you want. Developers at Cerros Sands are from the U.S. They know what ex-pats crave. Whether your objective is a house, a condo or property you intend to develop down the line, you have many choices.

3. Local businesses won’t charge a fortune maintain your home if you intend to rent it. When you are in country, live like a celebrity, minus the paparazzi. Belize’s low cost of living allows you to maintain your property from anywhere in the world as long as you occupy your property on occasion.

4. Invest in Belize property and defer rental taxes, especially if you form an LLC before you buy so you benefit from the largesse Belize offers retirees and investors.

5. Everything about your Belize real estate transaction is familiar, from transactions conducted in English to U.S. dollars. Financing from a Belize international bank or cash are two options you can use to make your purchase.

6. Relocate or retire at age 45 and become eligible for the Belize Qualified Retired Persons Act that delivers tax breaks and duty-free importation of everything you own–including vehicles and furnishings.

7. Belize publishes a free Consumer Resource Guide that makes the entire process understandable. But before you have it in your hands, you’ve got to visit the Cerros Sands website to see what awaits you in terms of property choices and amenities.

You’ve worked hard to achieve success and deserve to live in a relaxed environment that’s affordable and luxurious. Follow in the footsteps of other international investors who find in Cerros Sands everything they desire and more.

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