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It takes a U.S. Developer to
Make Retiree Dreams Come True in Belize!

Have you heard about the migration of ex-pats bypassing expensive nations like Costa Rica and heading instead for Belize? The reason is no mystery: Belize is an epicenter of North American living. Everyone speaks English. The cost of living often leaves visitors speechless. You can kiss high taxes goodbye. And what can we say about weather that hasn’t already been said by those who move to Belize and joke that it would take a Congressional Act to get them to return north? Falling in love with Cerros Sands is an everyday occurrence here.

For hard-working people who have waited their entire lives to retire in safety and comfort, there’s a unique area of Belize that offers more than just the aforementioned benefits. We’re talking about Corozal, where the only creatures outnumbering blissful retirees are the hundreds of exotic bird species that bring avid hobbyists to this area of Belize in droves! California native Mark Leonard picked this area above all others to develop a community that’s nothing short of extraordinary. He calls this waterfront property Cerros Sands as an homage to the cultural history of the region. You’ll call it heaven once you learn more about it!