Beautiful Corozal Bay is growing!

Beautiful Corozal Bay is growing! There is so much history to be covered that it cannot be all done now.. So many interesting facts and of course folk tales that will have chills running down your back. However Corozal in Belize Central America, after so many years it has been developing into what it is today. A World renowned place to live and recreate. Great Hotels, the best and healthiest food, flavorful natural drinks and of course, close enough from Cerros Sands Waterfront Community. One interesting fact about our breathtaking country is that our flag is the only national flag to depict actual human beings! Unique, absolutely! Getting back to Belize developments, let us focus on the Northern side of the country. That is right, Corozal district.

Spending a night in town is very easy since there are very nice hotels to stay at. Little by little Corozal has been developed in such a way that hotel spaces are enough to stay in town. Of course, mentioning that most of these have the Caribbean Sea as a view. Have in mind that these hotels are on the top list due to accommodations, services and cleanliness. Throughout the years, the financial stability in Corozal has been getting better due to these hotels that provide tourists and visitors with top service and a good night’s sleep. Let’s start by mentioning the top hotels, Tony’s Inn, The Hokol’kin, Mirador Hotel, and the Las Palmas Hotel. Not far from Cerros Sands, spending a night of fun in town this is your ideal place.

From their website; Tony’s Inn & Beach Resort is a family oriented resort with spectacular beauty of nature. It is surrounded everywhere by lush tropical gardens and well manicured landscape. This Spanish style resort and its beautiful ambiance features 24 guest rooms. You will enjoy the comfort of our spacious rooms and each is tastefully decorated with orange papaya color and mahogany furniture.
Tony’s Inn and its team will ensure that your vacation from start to finish will be a pleasurable one. Our friendly and professional team is delighted to host you.

Beautiful Corozal Bay is growing! Tony’s Inn

Beautiful Corozal Bay is growing! There is so much history

Tony’s Inn is home to Y Not Grill and Bar considered the town’s finest restaurant. This elegant outdoor restaurant was recently remodeled offering you an ambiance that will make you dining experience one to remember. We recommend the Fajitas! There specialties are Charbroiled meats, poultry and seafood grilled to perfection. It is just around the corner from Corozo Blues another nice restaurant.

Beautiful Corozal Bay is growing! There is so much history and your options are endless, after spending a nice weekend out with friends you can be sure and comfortable that home is only a few kilometers away from Tony’s Inn, and just another reason why Cerros Sands is for you. Cerros Sands Waterfront Community, fun in the sun and simply the best!

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