Belize Central America Weather

Belize Central America weather is not one of the world’s countries that experiences drastic weather changes. Seasons here spring, summer, fall and winter seem to flow right into one another throughout the year. We all have an idea of what the signs are if not quite sure of the exact dates these seasons change.  Fall is a bit obvious by the name, all leaves of trees and flower petals fall and then there are the warm earth tones.  Spring is the season after winter and before summer.  You can see all flowers and trees come to life when these start blossoming new leaves and petals.  Summer is hot, when the beach is calling your name right?  Winter however, is the coldest season yet, some places it knows and it’s on the month of December.

Weather in Belize Central America

Belize Central America Weather


Therefore, when it comes to the country of Belize; and I say the country because it’s throughout and not just certain districts, the weather here is different.  We don’t experience the changes of the different seasons which mean that at no point would we get the feeling of snow here. To wear a jacket or sweater in an abnormality.  The overall climate in Belize can be described with just one word, sub-tropical.  The mean annual humidity here is of 83% but most of which is balanced by the cooling sea breezes which are enjoyed just about every day at Cerros Sands in Corozal, one of the best places to retire in Belize.  We experience a rainy season which falls in the months June  to January but out of all these September is the wettest month and April is the driest.  On average the warmest month is May and the coolest is January.  So there is a little bit of almost everything when it comes to the weather at Belize Central America.  When it’s a beautiful sunny day you can enjoy a day at the beach, on the coolest time stay indoors and enjoy a nice hot chocolate and rainy days are not bad.  It doesn’t mean it rains non-stop, absolutely not.  It rains just enough to provide our plants flowers and trees be healthy and living.  Come enjoy for yourself the different changes of weather in Belize.  I can guarantee you will love everything about it.  Not too hot and not freezing cold but just in between, enough of both!


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