Do Not Miss The 2019 Belize Coconut Festival

There is no shortage of reasons to visit the beautiful Central American nation of Belize in 2019. From its pristine beaches to its lush jungles and its awe-inspiring cultural sites, the nation is simply packed with interesting things to see and do. However, if you are planning a trip to Belize in the not-too-distant future, you absolutely must take the time to attend the 2019 Belize Coconut Festival.

The two-day event will kick off on March 29th in Corozal Town, just a few miles from the Mexican border. The 2019 Belize Coconut Festival is hosted by the Belize Tourism Board, the Belize Tourist Industry Association, and Centro Escolar Mexico and will feature tons of fun activities for travelers of all ages.

The festival’s opening day begins with a Maya wedding reenactment at the stunning Santa Rita Archaeological Park. It was at this site in the 1500s that a Spanish conquistador married a Maya princess – a marriage which is believed to have started the bloodline of Belize’s Mestizo people.

During the reenactment of this historic wedding, visitors will be able to take in all of the sights and sounds of a traditional Maya celebration. As well as being able to enjoy the actual wedding ceremony, festival-goers will also see performers in full costume and intricate Maya wedding dances. This truly is the perfect way to start the festivities.

At the festival, visitors will also be able to purchase delicious coconut-based food and drinks from a variety of local vendors. From coconut rice pudding to coconut milk, these vendors have got it all. Of course, produce such as corn, honey, and jam will also be available for purchase.

Throughout the entirety of the two-day event, visitors will also be able to take in live music performances from local bands, coconut husking competitions, food-eating contests, and a whole lot more. Whether you want to actively take part or just watch from the sidelines, these activities are sure to be a lot of fun.

The 2019 Belize Coconut Festival is just one of the many reasons to love traveling to and living in this gorgeous Central American nation. With its warm weather and stunning natural beauty, it is no surprise that so many people choose to retire here.

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