Belize currency is as unique as any other Country

Belize currency is as unique as any other country. However when it comes to foreigners and visitors from abroad handling US dollars, there is no need to worry since it is very much welcomed in the entire country of Belize.  For years the dollar rate has been $1us dollar equals $2bze (Belize dollars) so changing US to Belize currency wouldn’t make much sense.  On the other hand Bze dollars are basically unusable outside the country, for example a foreign exchange abroad would offer the least amount for a Belize currency.  This is one of the advantages of US dollars in the country of Belize and of course other countries.  However, there are certain laws and regulations that must be followed when bringing in US dollars to our country.  For instance a maximum amount of $5000 US is allowed by the Belize law, for foreigners to bring with them, whether it is in cash or checks. If you are carrying more this must be declared in your Disembarkation card before presenting it to the Belize customs.  Failure to do so may cause consequences such as paying triple the amount as a fee.

EUROS may be exchanged at local banks at the posted exchange rates.

Don’t be alarmed, all of this are procedures that anyone must endure whether us visiting a foreign country or you coming to live and enjoy Belize at its best.  If you are planning to make Belize your permanent home now, you may want to consider opening up a local offshore account before applying for residence or citizenship and this way enjoy of one of the advantages by having access to depositing or withdrawing your foreign exchange in cash or cheque without the need of applying for permission from the government of Belize.  As you can see there are no excuses why you shouldn’t make Belize Central America your home and most importantly why shouldn’t you be a part of Cerros Sands Waterfront Community.  Enjoy of the natural benefits as well as the money exchange benefits!

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