Belize: An English-speaking and Picture-perfect Spot for Retirement

Recently, the business news channel CNBC featured seven different English-speaking overseas destinations that are perfect for retirement. The CNBC article described several different locations that offer a number of incredible benefits such as a lower cost of living, great weather, and the fact that retirees won’t have to learn a new language.

One destination given a high recommendation by the CNBC report is Belize. Thanks to its proximity to the United States (just a 2-4 hour flight away), it’s year-round balmy client, and outstanding beautiful nature, Belize was given high marks.

The CNBC report described how Belize has a number of great features, including being home to the second-largest coral reef in the world. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Belize Barrier Reef has hundreds of Caribbean islands surrounded by crystal-clear water, making it the perfect place to swim, snorkel, fish, sail, and scuba dive. In late 2017, the government of Belize banned all oil drilling on the reef, demonstrating its commitment to preserving the beauty and integrity of this natural wonder.

Belize has plenty to offer on the mainland as well. More than half the country is a national park, wildlife refuge, or animal sanctuary. Belize is home to hundreds of bird species as well as a wide variety of plants and animals.

In Belize, fresh-caught seafood and organic produce is available everywhere at very affordable prices. Domestic help can be easily found for around $15-20 per day, and wireless internet and telephone coverage is available, usually for less than in the United States. And, thanks to satellite TV, you can watch all your favorite channels from back home when you live in Belize.

Cerros Sands

One of the most popular destinations for retirees is Cerros Sands. A true “community in the country,” Cerros Sands is a self-sustained, “off the grid” neighborhood where retirees can enjoy all the comforts of modern living in a beautiful, Caribbean setting.

Cerros Sands has a number of completed homes, villas, and condominiums for sale at very attractive prices. And, for a limited time, Cerros Sands is offering great prices on undeveloped lots. Waterfront parcels, which were priced at $27,700, are now available at just $17,700. Cerros Sands also offers in-house financing, including generous discounts for all-cash purchases.

If you’ve ever dreamed of retiring in paradise, now is the time to act. Contact Cerros Sands to learn more about real estate and what it’s like to live in Belize.

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