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Primarily oriented north to south, Belize is a small country in Central America on the western shores of the Caribbean Sea. Located south of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and east and north of Guatemala, Belize is a rich mix of mountains, rainforests, savannah, fertile plains, and pristine rivers on the mainland and hundreds of islands and atolls offshore.

Many people have heard of Belize, but are unsure about many facts.

Is Belize an Island?

No. But Belize does have hundreds of Caribbean islands. The largest island in Belize is Ambergris Caye (pronounced “key”), the capital of which is San Pedro. The 1986 hit Madonna song “La Isla Bonita” (the beautiful island) was written about San Pedro.

Collectively, the islands of Belize form the Belize Barrier Reef, the second-largest of its kind in the world after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Since the reef plays such an important role in providing shelter for fish and other marine life, the Belize Barrier Reef is a popular destination for snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, and fishing.

Is Belize in the Caribbean?

Belize is a Caribbean nation both in terms of geography and culture, however the mainland part of the country is in Central America.

Isn’t Belize Also Called Honduras?

Since the modern nation of Honduras does not share a border with Belize, it can be confusing to learn that the name of Belize was British Honduras throughout much of its history. The name given by the British to their colony was in reference to the enormous Bay of Honduras found in southern Belize.

Why Do They Speak English in Belize?

Belize is the only country in Central America where English is the official language. Originally, both Spain and Britain competed for Belize, but the British prevailed after a naval battle in 1798 at St. George’s Caye. Today, Belizeans enjoy traditional British customs like eating hot cross buns and celebrate St. George’s Caye Day every year on September 10.

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