Belize Real Estate: Caribbean Beach Lots, Pristine Jungle, Ancient Maya Cities, Gorgeous Barrier Reef

Often described as the Caribbean’s best-kept secret, Belize is a small country located in Central America just south of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. With a perfect mix of offshore islands and lush rainforest interior, Belize offers visitors a chance to unwind and relax from the stresses of modern life. And thanks to new flights from the biggest airlines in North America, it’s now easier and more affordable than ever to visit or live in the country.

Right now, Belize is rapidly transforming from an exotic destination to a popular site for tourists, expats, and property investors. As the country in Central America with the lowest population density, Belize is home to some spectacular beachfront and waterfront properties. But with tourism numbers continuing to rise in double digits year over year, a land rush has begun, and prices are beginning to rise.

Belize, though, remains largely undiscovered, giving savvy investors the perfect opportunity to enter this market. Between rising tourism numbers and retirees seeking the good life, Belize is rapidly being transformed. Drawn by the modern infrastructure, low cost of life, affordable health care, and plenty to do and see, Belize is becoming one of the top retirement destinations for Americans.

Add in the fact that Belize is a recognized offshore destination with strong protection for assets, zero capital gains taxes, no restrictions on foreign ownership of property, and very low property taxes (just 1-1.5% of the unimproved land value), it’s easy to see why now is the right time to invest in Belize.

Beyond the pristine jungles, amazing lost Maya cities in the jungle, and hundreds of offshore islands, life in Belize also means that you’ll enjoy Caribbean trade breezes, abundant sunshine, fresh-caught seafood, and delicious, organic fruits and vegetables. And the slow, relaxed pace of Caribbean life is perfectly suited for a healthy and enjoyable life of leisure.

Cerros Sands

Located on the beautiful Cerros Peninsula on the shores of Chetumal Bay, Cerros Sands is a master-planned, gated community ideal for expats and retirees looking to buy vacation homes, investment properties, and beachfront lots. With properties starting as low as $27,700, Cerros Sands is the perfect mix of beautiful nature and modern infrastructure.

Developed by an American man who lives on site with his family, Cerros Sands offers financing options and special buyer’s tours that include rebates up to $2,000 for individuals who purchase property in the community.

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