Belize Real Estate Primed for Another Boom

Once a little-known backwater difficult to get to, Belize is now a thriving tourist destination experiencing double-digit increases and a growing reputation amongst Hollywood’s elite as the perfect getaway vacation destination.

More than a decade ago, the government of Belize began charting a course to open the door towards foreign investment, including ownership of real estate. Today, foreigners enjoy the same rights and privileges of locals when it comes to buying, selling, and renting property, which opened the door to a real estate boom. As the least densely populated country in Central America, it wasn’t long before savvy investors began to snap up prime beachfront properties.

The government of Belize also has strong asset protections in place. A respected tax haven, Belize does not impose any capital gains taxes, and foreigners are permitted to set up offshore corporations to manage property, making Belize a very secure way to protect hard-earned assets.

Now that the floodgates have opened and more and more tourists are flocking to the area, all of the biggest airlines in the United States and Canada have stepped up to offer non-stop flights from major cities across North America. This has made owning property even more advantageous.

Cerros Sands

Cerros Sands is a gated, master-planned community designed by an American developer who lives onsite with his family in northern Belize. Located on the Cerros Peninsula, all properties in Cerros Sands enjoy beautiful views and easy access to Chetumal Bay and beyond to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Belize Barrier Reef.

Cerros Sands is situated in the country’s northern Corozal District, famed for its refreshing tradewinds that keep insects and humidity at bay as well as its beautiful and unspoiled natural areas that are home to exotic wildlife, beautiful flowering plants, and more than 900 different bird species.

Cerros Sands was built from the ground up to elegantly harmonize modern infrastructure and comfort with natural green spaces. Cerros Sands is also conveniently located just 10 miles from the Mexican border, allowing residents easy access to low-cost retailers like Walmart and Sam’s Club.

Cerros Sands offers appealing modern homes and condominiums starting at just $219,000 as well as attractive lots that begin at just $27,700. Cerros Sands also offers financing at very affordable interest rates as well as up to $2,000 in travel rebates for visitors who purchase property in the community.

But these amazing Belize properties won’t last forever. To learn more about buying and investing in real estate in Belize, contact Cerros Sands today.

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