Belize Retirement: Can Moving There Help You Live Longer?

You don’t have to have a PhD in graceful aging to realize that the sunshine and relaxed lifestyle available to expats living in current “hot spots” like Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia and Hawaii can help retirees live longer, more fulfilling lives.

But have you checked out the cost of living in those five states? Sure, the sun shines over all of them, but climate change-related weather patterns added to the high cost of living could add even more stress to a retiree’s life, especially those depending upon Social Security, a pension or modest investment income.

Take the word of scientists at “The International Journal of Biometeorology” whose research into the beneficial factors of heat versus cold weather—-like increased winter mortality rates and health threats-—and you may worry that there’s no place on earth that can help retirees live longer–with the exception of Belize!

Consider Northern Belize as your future home and expect to reap these healthy benefits:

1. Live like royalty thanks to the largesse of Belize’s retirement program where savings are jaw-dropping.
2. Belize has become a top wellness destination for vacationers thanks to a rich mix of activities and adventures.
3. Everyone speaks English and some Belizeans have the most charming Creole inflections you’ll ever hear.
4. Even beachfront property is affordable—especially if you check out the Cerros Sands community where expats are snapping up real estate with gusto.
5. It takes only a couple of hours to get back to the States for family hugs and special occasions.
6. At Cerros Sands, you get much more space for your dollar than you would at those aforementioned places.
7. Belize has retained all of the charm and diversity as Costa Rica had before living there cost a bundle.
8. Living a healthy lifestyle is a no brainer thanks to access to fresh fish, produce and locally-grown foods.
9. It’s almost impossible to get depressed in Belize surrounded by like-minded ex-pats offering a ready-made community from the day you move.
10. Belize’s mix of cultural experiences and physical activity options literally keep brains healthier and younger!

Cerros Sands is exactly the retirement haven you would build if you had the wherewithal to develop a vacation destination designed for full-time residents. It’s got the infrastructure conveniences you insist upon, but you get to design your home and life in a warmer, more carefree environment than you ever imagined. How could you not lead a better, longer life in Belize?

One look and you’ll be convinced. There’s a slice of retirement paradise waiting for you. All you need do is claim it!

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