Belize Travel Brochure

Belize Press Kit  – This PDF Download comes directly from the Belize tourism board.  It has a wealth of information on Belize.

Get to know Belize

Q:   Where is Belize?

A:   Belize is located in the Western Caribbean just south of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Chetumal, the Capital of Quintana Roo is just over the Northern Border making access to this fine City easy from Corozal.  Guatemala borders Belize to the west and south. Corozal Town and Cerros Sands lies just South of Chetumal and the Northern Belize border.


Q:   How large is Belize?

A:   Belize is approximately 8,866 square miles. Its mainland is approximately 180 miles long and up to 68 miles wide.


Q:   Is Belize law similar to U.S. law?

A:   Belize law is similar to U.S. law and in fact Belize is an Independent British Commonwealth. The Government was modeled after the British Parliamentary System. Also, Belize is an English speaking country with a stable government and growing economy. Property is held in Fee Simple Title.


Q:   How will I communicate with Belizeans?

A:   Easily, English is the National Language.


Q:   What about drinking water?

A:   Bottled water is available throughout Belize. Major towns have chlorinated water. Small villages rely on rainwater or untreated well water for drinking; you should not. Do not drink water that has not been treated. Many shops and hotels will have bottled drinking water. Water from municipalities is chlorinated and aerated. We recommend that you buy purified bottled water in gallons, which can usually be refilled for about US$.50.


Q:   What is the electrical voltage?

A:   In Belize electricity is supplied at 110 volts, 60 Hz., which is the same as the standard U.S. service. As in most parts of the world, we recommend surge protectors and/or battery back-up units for sensitive equipment such as computers or TVs.


Q:   Is Belize safe?

A:   The people of Belize understand that tourism is a big part of the economy, so crimes against tourists are not common. But to be on the safe side, be cautious, do not leave your possessions alone, and do not walk alone or at night in unknown parts. Marijuana and hasher drugs that are a crime in the US are a crime in Belize, punishable with strict laws, prison terms and fines. If you read the news, you will find most crime takes place in one area of Belize City. It is unfortunate Belize decided to bring the cruise lines into Belize City, leaving a bad signal to the thousands of tourists that do not book tours to see the beauty of Belize and stay in the City.

They are working to move some on the cruise lines to other destinations.


Q:   May firearms be brought into or out of Belize?

A:   It is illegal to take firearms into or out of Belize. Do not “accidentally” bring firearms or ammunition into Belize. You could easily find yourself in prison. Mexico, too, for that matter.


Q: What is the Free Zone?

A: The Free Zones are areas near the borders where Mexican and Guatemalan visitors can buy products and take them back to their countries. There are also Casinos located in the Northern Free Zone near Corozal Town on the border with Mexico.


Q: What does Chetumal, Mexico bring into the picture?

A: All the benefits of a Major City with Fine Dining, Shopping and Most Importantly, Excellent Medical Care! They are now expanding their International Airport.


Q: What stores are in Chetumal?

A: Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Office Depot, Walmart, Liverpool, The Americana Mall with many outlet shops as well as Chedraui.  Everything you would expect in a large city. You can even find MacDonalds and Burger King if you need a fix! Applebee’s is now open as well.

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