Why Wait? The Time to Buy Property in Belize Is Right Now

The Time To Buy Property in Belize Now

If you’ve ever thought about moving to Belize, the time to act is now. Already, some 15% of the population of the people living in Belize are expats and retirees. Yet despite this, Belize has the lowest population density in Central America, meaning there’s plenty of room to grow.

In the past year alone, property prices have edged up due to a huge surge in tourism numbers. In each of the past five years, Belize has experienced double-digit growth in the number of tourist visitors, driving up demand for vacation rental properties.

As an English-speaking country, the government makes it very easy for foreigners to buy land in Belize. There are absolutely no restrictions on foreigners owning, selling, or renting property, and real estate is held by fee-simple title, giving owners unobstructed jurisdiction over their property.

The property market in Belize first began to heat up in 2000 following the government’s passage of the Retire Person Incentive Act, now known as the Qualified Retired Persons program. This allows anyone age 45 and older (even if they’re not retired), along with their family, to gain full-time residency in Belize. The QRP program also allows for the duty-free importation of personal goods, including cars, boats, and light plans, and imposes zero income taxes on any revenue generated outside the country. The QRP program only requires you to be in the country for 30 days per year.

The Belize property market took a dip in 2008 following the global recession but has since made a strong comeback. One-bedroom apartments in major tourist areas are rented for around $400 per month while three-bedroom apartments can run as high as $700 per month. The most expensive real estate market is the island of Ambergris Caye which is the most popular gateway to the offshore reef. A two-bedroom oceanfront condominium on the island can cost around $500,000 while the price of a two-bedroom home can be north of $1 million.

Cerros Sands is a true “community in the country” that is entirely energy self-sufficient and off the grid. Cerros Sands offers all the comforts and infrastructure of modern life in a relaxed, Caribbean setting. Cerros Sands has several Belize properties for sale, including homes, condominiums, and undeveloped lots starting at just $17,700.

If you’re looking for Belize property for sale or simply want to know more about what it’s like to retire in Belize, contact Cerros Sands today.

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