Casinos and more!

Casinos and more!

We have seen a bit of what makes Corozal town and why Cerros Sands Waterfront Community is the choice for you.  Also the Corozal Freezone is at your reach and easy money exchange is not a concern.  Cerros Sands’ President and CEO, Mr. Mark Leonard, has been building beautiful homes for amazing people that want a taste of the Caribbean.  His thirty years experience in real estate and financial management has made him the professional he is today and, without a doubt, the reason why he has diligently gotten his Waterfront community, Cerros Sands on the Map in Belize.  Trust plays a big role in allowing someone to build the home of your dreams in another country, Mark and his team of professionals can guarantee that trust, since he himself is an Expat and has gone through the relocation process and decided this is where home for him is now at Cerros Sands.

Take into consideration the location of the beautiful Cerros Sands.  Taking trips to explore the country doesn’t require months of planning since all you can think of is in the country of Belize.  For instance I have mentioned the beautiful bay, the nice restaurants and also up in the Northern Highway is the duty free, Corozal Freezone.  Call me crazy, but that is not all there is at the Freezone.  That’s right, there are also two casinos, one on each entrances of the freezone.  One is called Las Vegas Hotel & Casino and the other which is internationally known, Princess Hotel & Casino.

Princess Casino Belize 


These two casinos are a good way to pass time especially because they both have restaurants and what’s more, they also have nightclubs.  Cool right?  US dollar machines, pesos machines and also table games will catch your attention, from baccarat card games all the way to poker.  Cocktails are free as long as you are playing and this is at both casinos.  The night clubs are another form of entertainment for all guests with dj’s and s live music.  What is great about these places is that you get to socialize in a different atmosphere.  The restaurants  cater food for hundreds of people.  The cuisine varies from Mexican food, Italian, Chinese or if you want to stick to the local Belizean cuisine it’s also available.  Las Vegas Hotel and Casino also have a nice clean pool and a pool side cafe open to public with only a minimum fee.

Think no more and experience it for yourselves.  Allow Mark and his team of professionals to draw a plan of your home today!  Cerros Sands Waterfront Community is a step closer to all the goodies of the country of Belize!

Las Vegas Casino Belize

Las Vegas Casino Belize


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