Belize Travel Brochure

Belize Press Kit  - This PDF Download comes directly from the Belize tourism board.  It has a wealth of information on Belize. Get to know Belize Q:   Where is Belize? A:   Belize is located in the Western Caribbean just south of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Chetumal, the Capital of Quintana Roo is just over [...]

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Why Cerros Sands?

Why Cerros Sands? The Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros community is conveniently located 11 miles southeast of Corozal Town, where the Mayan Riviera on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico meets the Belizean Riviera, composed of astonishingly diverse inland, coastal and tropical island wonders. Consider berthing your boat or yacht in a serene, sheltered and utterly [...]

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Why Cerros Peninsula?

Why Cerros Peninsula? Because it is so stunning! Rich in history with thousands of acres of Nature and Marine Reserves, abundant in Wildlife, and hundreds of species of birds. From Corozal Town as you gaze across the Corozal Bay to the Cerros (Mayan for “hills”) at the peninsula we refer to as the La Playa de [...]

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Why Corozal?

Why Corozal? Because it is a great place to retire and live! Corozal Town, a quaint place by the seaside in northernmost Belize, is nestled within the coconut palm fringed shoreline along the milky blue Corozal Bay. It is a quiet, charming and peaceful haven of tranquility just 11 miles to the north of the [...]

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Why Belize?

Belize's official language is English, as Belize was formerly British Honduras. Schools teach English and Spanish in school. Creole is spoken as well. Children here are amazingly happy. Belize's Greatest Asset, “Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret”, is the people of Belize. Friendly, caring, generous, happy, fun, family oriented, outgoing, hard working, respectful, are just a [...]

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