Consider Belize Real Estate Investments Before it’s Too Late

If you’ve yet to learn that by taking risks you reap bountiful rewards, perhaps the time has come. And when the risk is proven to be eminently doable, it becomes so much easier to say “yes!” to a dream of retiring and/or investing in real estate somewhere fun, affordable and sunny.

It’s no secret that Belize has become the darling of the Caribbean real estate market because the government offers myriad benefits to adventurous souls who would love to live comfortably for a longer period of time than they might in the U.S. or Canada where the cost of living forces many retirees to live frugally.

How can a nation afford to welcome retirees and give them so many benefits? Because the Belize tourism industry is flourishing, and numbers do not lie. According to the Belize Tourism Board, 2019 has already set records for first-time visitors and returnees, and as the economy grows, so does the nation’s appeal.

In fact, once vacationers see what awaits them, retiring in Belize interests people who might one day have retired to Costa Rica had it not become too expensive to buy property there.

If you’re looking for paradise, find it at Cerros Sands, where properties are being snapped up faster than lobsters during the nation’s annual Lobsterfest! This gorgeous area in Northern Belize is safe and beachfront property prices are low enough to inspire visitors with no intention of moving here to start touring properties. You wouldn’t believe how many of them leave Belize having located a property with which they fell in love.

Where are the new wave of retirees coming after deciding to abandon snow and ice for palm trees and affordable living? The Corozal District because it’s pristine, not crowded like some of the most popular places and real estate prices reflect this trend. If these benefits don’t delight you, nothing will:

-Corozal is unspoiled and lush; there’s more sand than cement!
-The waters off this district are turquoise blue and hypnotic.
-Properties are just starting to get the attention of retirees so there are lots of deals to be had.
-Proximity to natural wonders like rainforests, Mayan ruins, jungles and attractions makes this area ultra-desirable.
-You can find exactly what you want to match your ideal living style: buildable lots, homes and condos.

The jewel in Corozal’s crown is Cerros Sands, home to one of the fastest-growing ex-pat communities in Belize. Retirees escape here because they know it’s a tranquil, lush place to reside, but the best reasons of all are the availability and affordability of waterfront properties where the sea is everyone’s favorite neighbor.

Whether you’re seeking investments or a new home, the variety of options Cerros Sands offers shoppers is truly impressive, and because the developer comes from North America, he knows how important modern infrastructure is to retirees who just want to have fun and be absolved from constant responsibility.

You know you’re intrigued. And well you should be! With tourism abloom during the spring and the property of your dreams somewhere along that shoreline, you’ll even be asked if you want help getting financing, because it’s available courtesy of Cerros Sands’ network. Given all of these perks and your willingness to push the envelope for a better life, it’s never a good idea to wait too long to say yes.

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