Why You Should Consider Buying Real Estate in Corozal Belize

Belize is rapidly becoming a top destination for retirees in Central America. With the advantage of the year-round balmy weather, pristine nature areas brimming with wildlife, and gorgeous tropical islands featuring world-class snorkeling, fishing, sailing, and scuba diving, it’s easy to see why retirees are increasingly choosing Belize.

The AARP recently rated Belize’s northern Corozal District as a top destination for buying real estate and retirees. Facing the popular tourist island of Ambergris Caye across the beautiful Chetumal Bay, Corozal District enjoys better weather than anywhere else in the country thanks to refreshing breezes from more temperature latitudes. Corozal District has a thriving expat community replete with organized social activities and programs, making retirees feel immediately at home.

The government of Belize actively courts retirees. The country’s QRP program allows eligible individuals and their families to move to Belize and import their personal possessions (including cars, boats, and light aircraft) completely tax-free while only requiring 30 days’ residence in a calendar year. Retirees never owe any taxes on business or income derived from outside of Belize, and the country staunchly protects property rights in a court system inherited from the long years of British rule.

The law in Belize places absolutely no restrictions on foreigners owning, renting, or purchasing real estate in the country. The official language in Belize is English, meaning you’ll never have to rely on expensive translators to understand contracts, deeds, and other documents.

Retirees in Belize can enjoy a low cost of living, plenty of organic, fresh produce, and a climate that encourages getting outside and exploring the bounteous wonders of nature. Whether it’s bird watching, hiking through pristine rainforests, spotting wildlife like giant iguanas, monkeys, and parrots, or simply drinking in the view from the beach, life offers many wonderful options for retirees in the Corozal District of Belize.

Best of all, Corozal District lies just across the border from the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, home to the world famous resort destination of Cancun (and its airport with low-cost flights to the United States and Canada), world class health care facilities, and familiar low-cost retailers like Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club.

Cerros Sands

Cerros Sands is a master-planned, gated community located in Corozal. Designed by American developer Mark Leonard who lives on site with his family, Cerros Sands has completed homes and attractive waterfront lots available starting at just $25,000.

For more information, visit the Cerros Sands website.

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