Corozal Bay is a fun place to play and retire in Belize

The Corozal Bay is a fun place to play and retire in Belize!

Welcome back to an opportunity for a life changing living experience at Cerros Sands, Corozal, Belize! It’s where you wake up to the sound of birds chirping, breeze blowing and just the smell of the fresh waters.  Getting ready for another day of relaxation and/or adventure is simply up to you.  Remember,  you have a all day and evening to get better acquainted with what you now would call home.  What a better way to start but to hit the beach at Corozal Bay! Pack your bags with your favorite swimwear, sunshades, sunscreen, and if you come along with your family and friends, a soccer ball wouldn’t be a bad idea.  Understand for yourselves what the life in Belize is really all about!

It’s already good enough that you wake up in the home of your dreams, right? Well, there is no such thing as having enough of the good life, so join me on this journey as I take you through what Corozal, Belize and the beautiful Bay has to offer!Corozal Bay

Corozal Bay is the best remedy for all your troubles. It’s easy and at Cerros Sands it’s just a walk to the sea.

Should you decide to venture out,  Corozal Town is just 13 miles away where you can drive along the magnificent beach side and visit the palapa bars with just a few steps away from the refreshing sea.  Our Belizean cuisine is waiting for you! Jam Rock, Primo’s and Scotty’s Bar and Grill all have views that fills your eyes with the bay’s grand view! Enjoy your favorite drinks and music.  Want to go for a swim? A bit more ahead of Jam Rock and Primo’s on the beach side is a public swimming area, known as Round House. Just sit back and enjoy the breeze and best of all the Belizean tasty food and local rums! Go swimming and at the same time enjoy of great music and family friendly restaurant staff will be at your disposition! There is so much to do at the Corozal Bay, and one visit is simply not enough!  Therefore, Cerros Sands Community is one special and exciting place to live at! The fun never ends, and neither will your smiles! Come and get started on your dream home or take a look at our already built homes.  It’s all for the satisfaction of our lovely visitors and hopefully future Belizean citizens! Cerros Sands is indeed simply the best!!

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