Enjoying the Good Life in Belize

Enjoy the Good Life in Belize When You Retire at Cerro Sands

One of the best things that people like about living in Belize is the way that time seems to slow down. Instead of rushing and bustling about, people in Belize move at a more Caribbean pace where there’s always time to say hello to a friend, enjoy a drink, and admire the view.

There aren’t any shopping malls, fast food joints, or even traffic jams in Belize, but that’s just the way people who live in Belize like it. And although it’s now easy and affordable to get wireless internet coverage in Belize, many expats find that they prefer to leave their gadgets at home.

And the food. Ah, the food in Belize is so good that it must be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. Fresh-caught seafood, delicious cocktails, and organic produce are the ingredients on which all Belizean cuisine is based. Yet the flavors never get boring as the British, Maya, Garifuna, Creole, Mexican, and Chinese communities of Belize have each contributed their own distinct cuisines.

In Belize, time is not measured in clocks and smartphones but by the position of the sun in the sky and the natural tides and seasons. Perhaps today a lovely offshore breeze has caused the fish to bite. Or maybe you’ll get the chance to see flocks of exotic birds arriving in Belize to escape another dreary winter in North America.

They say that the locals in Belize are the friendliest people on the planet, always ready to welcome a stranger with a smile and a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice. Even if you’ve just arrived, the people of Belize will truly make you feel right at home.

With lovely offshore islands, a mainland covered in pristine rainforest and teeming with life, and a great climate mean that you’ll never run out of things to do, even if it’s just puttering around in your garden. Perhaps, however, today is the day you’ll climb to the top of an ancient Maya pyramid and witness a sight once reserved for kings and high priests.

Belize is where people go to escape the rat race, to get off the hamster wheel and enjoy all of the good things that make life worth living. And, best of all, it’s very affordable to live in Belize. Most retirees live very well on $1,500 a month or less.

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