Why Expats Are Moving to Belize

Expats moving to Belize! A lot of people dream about the day that they can move to a great destination where the weather is warm and welcoming, there is a real community of neighbors who know you, everyday items are affordable, and the pace of life is relaxed and less frenetic. But it can be hard to find a place that meets all of your standards for an ideal new home.

Many Americans, Canadians, and Europeans looking for their slice of paradise choose to head to the Central America and Caribbean region in search of a great place to live. Unfortunately, moving abroad often entails a lot of difficult transitions like learning to speak Spanish if you choose a Central American destination like Panama, or dealing with a high cost of living if you settle in a place like Costa Rica. Of course, many opt to choose Florida instead, closer to home for Americans, but they quickly find that the pace of life and real estate prices are not conducive to your peace of mind.

The good news is that there is an undiscovered country out there with fabulously friendly locals, a thriving expat scene, fabulous weather, and a relaxed pace of life ideal for you. That nation is the tiny country of Belize, wedged in between the azure waters of the Caribbean and the nation of Mexico.

Belize is the only country in the region where English is the official language. And the pace of life in Belize is so laid back that some tourists on vacation actually get impatient. With just 360,000 people spread out in a country the size of Vermont, you get to know your neighbors. And with more than a third of the country set aside as a national park or nature reserve, you’re always surrounded by pristine beauty.

The cost of living is still quite affordable in Belize, so your dollar goes a lot further. Belize also has their currency, the Belizean dollar, permanently pegged at two-to-one to the American dollar, so the local economy and currency is incredibly stable. Another great benefit is that all of the major airlines, including Southwest, Delta, American Airlines, WestJet, and United, all have non-stop flights to Belize, making it fast and affordable to stay in contact with family members and friends back home.

Cerros Sands is a master-planned, gated community located right on the beautiful Chetumal Bay in Corozal District. Originally from the U.S.A, developer Mark Leonard and his family have been living in the Cerros Sands community for more than 10 years. Mark Leonard is the go-to guy for anyone looking to buy real estate or to move to/retire in Belize.


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