Great Fresh Vegetables, Fruits and More!

Great Fresh vegetables, fruits and more! Living in the big cities has its advantages and disadvantages.  One of the good things can be a lot of places to visit and tons of places to eat.  But did you ever think about how fresh can the food really be?  How about the fruits you enjoy the most? Frozen fruits and vegetables can be very discouraging when it comes to cooking fresh food and even making a fresh fruit salad.  The country of Belize in Central America is one of the countries in the Caribbean that the word “fresh” is most important.

Where do we go to get the freshest ingredients?  Cerros Sands Waterfront Community is close to the Mennonites of Little Belize who supply most of the vegetables and fruits to Corozal Town. They pass right through the Village of Copper Bank, where the stores here get to purchase products before they are taken to Corozal Town. Cerros Sands is just a few miles from Copper Bank.

In Corozal Town, you can go to the Gabriel Hoare Market in Corozal, adjacent to the bus terminal.   Tuesdays and Fridays are the “fresh crop” delivery days here in the north.  Every stall in the market has something to offer.  These stalls are open from 6am all the way to 6pm, Mondays to Saturdays and some open a few hours on Sundays.  Take a walk and you will see how proud Belizeans work hard to provide us all with the freshest of fruits, vegetables and the best of meat products.  Bar-B-Que some pork ribs, chicken and sausages for family and friends, all you need is available here at the Gabriel Hoare Corozal Market.Corozal Market

Corozal Market

A beachfront property in Belize is already a taste of fresh, and Cerros Sands Waterfront Community is inviting you to enjoy of all things fresh and local of our country.  Design your homes as comfortable as you need them, that way you can be proud to say “I live in the beautiful Caribbean, Belize!”  Sunken living room designs, two bedrooms, a real nice size porch to hang out and enjoy the view of the water and nature.  What about some of us that love the idea of a wooden counter top in our kitchen and that way just express your love for food?

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