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Healthcare in Belize – What You Need to Know

Although Belize has much work to go on building a comprehensive network of world-class health care facilities, the government of Belize has made building hospitals, clinics, and other infrastructure a key priority.

Whether you’re visiting the country or looking to buy Belize real estate, the most important thing you need to know is that a large network of clinics and private doctor’s offices make treating minor ailments affordable and easy. It’s rare to encounter long waiting periods like in other countries, and most services are far more affordable than in the United States, with in-patient hospital stays averaging around $15 a day and same-day doctor’s visits even cheaper.

For more intensive treatment, larger towns and cities in Belize have a good selection of hospitals. Two of the biggest networks are the Belize Medical Associates and the Belize Healthcare Partners. For expats and retirees with chronic issues or for individuals wishing to avail themselves of Medicare, it’s very simple and easy to fly back to North America. Belize does have a network of public hospitals, but most expats and retirees generally prefer private clinics to avoid lengthy wait times.

It is also possible to add international evacuation coverage to your existing health insurance policy. Should an unfortunate serious event occur, evacuation coverage will allow you to be flown back to the United States, Canada, or another country for treatment. For more information about emergency medical treatment, it is recommended that you contact your country’s embassy in Belize. Embassies, however, do not generally recommend individual physicians.

For expats and retirees with existing medical conditions, it is advised to bring a letter from their primary care physician that describes their current state of health as well as a list of all prescribed medications, including the generic or international names of each medication. It’s also a good idea to make sure that all medications brought into the country are in their original packaging, clearly labeled with the patient’s name.

There are pharmacies (drug stores) located in all major towns and cities in Belize, well-stocked with a variety of over-the-counter medications, supplies, and other items. In many cases, prescription medications are more affordable in Belize than in the United States.

Expats and retirees living in Cerros Sands in Belize’s northern Corozal District also have a number of premium health care options located across the border in Mexico’s Quintana Roo in the cities of Chetumal, Playa del Carmen, Merida and Cancun. Clinics and a hospitals are located in Corozal Town and Orange Walk. A new clinic is being built just a few miles away from Cerros Sands in the village of Chunox. Expats can also choose to receive treatment in countries like Panama or Guatemala that have direct flights to and from Belize.

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