Cerros Sands and the adventures!

Cerros Sands and the adventures! A home in Belize can be built using your designs, they just have to be done by architects here in Belize.  Mark Leonard makes it easy for you at Cerros Sands Waterfront Community.  Whether it’s purchasing a home that is already built or designing and making your home a reality.  Being a part of this Community has all positive effects since all your needs and wants are taken into to consideration, especially when it comes to what is exploring the country of Belize.  Not far from all the adventure since it already starts at Cerros, with Mayan Temples on our peninsula but more can be appreciated in this beautiful Belize.  It can be on the water by kayaking, fishing, swimming , snorkeling and more or on land by visiting the famous Mayan temples, taking a nature walk, strolling in the town and neighboring districts, and last but not least by air.  That’s right, appreciate the beauty while zip lining, parasailing and just by taking a plane ride to La Isla Bonita, Caye Caulker and Placencia.  It’s different from taking a plane ride from a big city since all you will see here is nature and how it unravels before your eyes.belize_zoo_header

One of the nature walks can be done by taking a trip to the Belize Zoo.  The country of Belize has its national Symbols, the national bird- The Keel-billed Toucan; the national tree- The Mahogany Tree; the national animal- The Tapir and the national flower- The Black Orchid.  Belize Zoo presents them all and other wonderful animals like hippopotamus, jaguars and black panther.  This zoo is a non- governmental and a non-profitable organization which is focused on the conservation and rehabilitation of the wildlife.  A lot can be learnt by visiting the zoo such as why it’s important to protect their habitats and this is an easy way to learn about all the animals here in Belize Central America.  Start your own adventure now and let Mark, CEO and President of Cerros Sands Waterfront Community, help you along with his team of professionals because Cerros Sands is simply the best!

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