Homes For Sale in Corozal Belize

Homes For Sale in Corozal Belize

If you’re looking for homes for sale in Corozal, Belize, the community of Cerros Sands now has several properties available at very competitive prices. Belize real estate is now undergoing a boom as the red-hot tourist market is driving up demand for vacation rentals.

Cerros Sands is now offering The Mariner, a lovely two-bedroom, two-bath home for the amazing price of just $219,000. The Mariner is designed for completely off-the-grid living and comes complete with its own solar power, sanitation system, and 26,000-gallon water tank. The Mariner can be expanded to a two-level home that has a flat roof perfect for entertaining or enjoying the view. There’s also a side patio on ground level and a boat slip. The home is completely finished and ready to move in for the right buyer!

Other properties available in Cerros Sands include a beach bar and restaurant, The K’inich Ahau which is Two 2 Bedroom and 2 bath condominiums that also have lockoff options (perfect for vacation rentals) as well as parcels right on the beach, on the bay, and lots with deep water access that are perfect for boat owners. Cerros Sands also offers in-house financing at very generous terms.

Corozal Belize real estate is one of the hottest markets in the country due to its strategic location in the north of the country. Situated right on the shores of the beautiful Chetumal Bay across the water from the island of Ambergris Caye, Cerros Sands is a true “community in the country” that was designed from the ground up to offer a Caribbean lifestyle with all the modern conveniences.

Many people choose to retire in Belize in Corozal District due to its proximity to the border with Mexico. Indeed, Cerros Sands is just nine miles from the Mexican border town of Chetumal City. Whereas Belize is a laid-back country with lush, natural landscapes, Chetumal City has all the attractions of the big city, including healthcare facilities and low-cost retailers like Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Home Depot.

If you’ve ever considered a move to Belize, Cerros Sands is a great option. Designed by an American developer who lives onsite with his family, Cerros Sands is a gated, master-planned community with an active social scene. It’s considered by many expats to be the best place to retire and live in Belize.

If you’re looking to buy real estate or want to learn more about what life is like in Belize, be sure to contact Cerros Sands.

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