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Power — We are developing our community utilizing the best options for communities in this part of the world. The alternative energy sources of solar and/or wind are utilized by many projects in the Belize and throughout the Caribbean and we feel offers the best option for Cerros Sands and helping us in our efforts to be a Green Community.

The following points will help your understanding of our choice to stay off the power grid.

  • Our great year-round climate with sunshine most all the time
  • Our community faces East with wonderful sea breezes (This is really important for comfort as well as alleviation from bugs)
  • The economics of your own system versus the local cost of power (almost twice that of the US with no outages which tend to occur more frequently here in Belize.)
  • Technology improvements coming along frequently with a lower cost per watt

Although Belize Electricity Ltd has offered in writing to provide the Cerros Peninsula with grid power, however the full cost of this infrastructure will be borne by the property owners on the Cerros Peninsula which includes hundreds of parcels. We took the lead on this years ago and found very few wanted to be on the grid. Also approximately 2000 feet of road remains to be completed along properties belonging to Mayan Sands Ltd. before Belize Electric will perform the cost analysis for delivery of power.

Water — Many homes throughout this region use catch and contain (cistern) with filtering as a primary water source. This alternative is really the method best suited for Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros and is approved within our environmental document. We are adding Reverse-Osmosis Systems to our options. We are totally confident that these methods are more than adequate to meet the needs of our community and its residents and have incorporated this into our first homes. We have dug shallow wells and found this water usable as well. The water in our ponds has also been tested and may be used in construction. A local water company will supply water if the need arises. A community water system using deep wells was designed, however the test results from the two wells drilled did not meet our expectations.

Waste/Sewer — As determined by the EIA, homes in our community will be on individual septic systems. The cost of these systems will vary depending on the size of the home to be built. Each home will be required to follow the Central Building Authorities Code and meet the current standards of the Department of Health. The “grey water” will divert off to a soak away and can be used for irrigation.

Telecommunications — Two cellular phone companies, Belize Telecommunications Ltd (BTL) and Smart, provide cellular telephone service.

Internet — We are currently using the services of Smart. However, BTL and Stellar Links have options as well. Smart has also come onto the site to evalutate the area for a tower, and BTL will be given the same option.

TV — Currently provided by satellite, however we have vendors that are looking at servicing the community. Individual Satellite Systems can also be licensed for use in Belize.

Roads — Through a cooperative effort, over 6 miles of roads have been completed providing access to Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros. As of April 2011, almost 2 more miles have been completed on the Cerros Peninsula.

Local road construction practices entail the use of a plentifully available material called marl (crushed limestone). Our roads have been inspected and approved by the Government of Belize. The roads within Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros are of the best quality you will find in the region, with the exception of paved highways.

Drainage — Our engineer has calculated a “worst case” scenario regarding storm water management. This information is also specified in our EIA. The culverts for use within Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros have been installed on the south end of our channel again in compliance with our EIA. Work is ongoing and will continue to keep pace with our overall rate of development.

Beach Improvement — This developer has gone well beyond the usual and customary to ensure the proper installation, augmentation and long-term integrity of the beaches at Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros. Said work will continue in an ongoing fashion as the community develops in order to insure that our beaches at Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros are amongst the “Best of the Best” in Belize. Many areas can be easily seen by using Google Earth just as if you were flying over the Cerros Peninsula.

Erosion Control — We have solidified erosion control along our beaches by filling and compacting sub water surfaces along their length. This was not a requirement of the EIA, however the developer, by going well beyond the norm here, again, seeks to create long term value to our community at large. Jetties have also been constructed and they, too, were designed to minimize littoral drift and beach erosion. Proper installation, grading and drainage of roads and on individual parcels within the community, as well as from other areas and community elements will assure that Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros is substantially more than minimally in compliance with the EIA.

Security and Access — The Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros development already has naturally existing barriers for privacy, such as a single access road, deep brush and vegetation as well as water surrounding our peninsula location. Nevertheless, we shall be a gated, controlled access community. This is more to help ensure if you travel away for weeks or months at a time, you will feel more comfortable knowing security measures are in place. A roving guard may be added. Additional security measures may be implemented dependent with the needs and desires of our community.

Deed restrictions as well as an Architectural committee will assure the integrity of the Development. A separate entity Cerros Sands Property Management handles the maintenance and security for Cerros Sands.