It’s Almost Christmas and one of the most favorite times of the year.

It’s Almost Christmas and one of the most favorite times of the year. All around the world it is the time to celebrate Christmas with family and friends and at Corozal, Belize Central America it is no different.  The family union is the most important especially when visiting family members you have not seen for so long.  Here at the Corozal District we recently witnessed the lighting of the Christmas tree and the Corozal Town Council went all out with the decorations at the Central Park.  Being friendly people is one of the positive things in the country of Belize and when you make your move you will feel the love for yourself.

It’s Almost Christmas and one of the most favorite times of the year.

This is also why Cerros Sands Waterfront Community is for you, taking into consideration that we want you to be a part of our home, inviting you to experience all Corozal and Cerros Sands in Northern Belize has to offer you.  Working diligently to ensure that your stay is bright and exciting, Mark Leonard and his team of professionals will go to the extent of designing and building you the home of your dreams.  You will not regret your decision since all you can ever want is here, peace, joy and tranquility all in one stay and of course not to forget you also get to enjoy different celebrations and how important these are.  We do not experience snow and around this time of year the weather is very cool and enjoyable.  Life in Belize is amazing; a one of a kind country and being bored is not a choice.  To tell you that on the 18th of December 2016 our Corozal people or as we say it, “Corozaleños” will celebrate the yearly Christmas parade.  Most businesses and local folks participate in this grand parade giving out sweets and gifts to the bystanders.  Floats, music and a lot of Christmas spirit parading all over the town and this will show you how kind and good hearted Belizean people are.  Do not miss out on such a beautiful country! You can decorate your vehicle and parade with us!  

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