Cerros Sands 2nd Quarter 2014 Update

2nd Quarter 2014 Update

June rains have been very light allowing us as well as the government to get a lot more work accomplished.

Blackbeard’s Beach Bar & Grill in now fully operational. A small wind generator was added to the power system. The dock on parcel 768 may also be used for anyone coming in by boat.

We are hosting the Special Olympics group the 7th through 11th of July.  We are expecting over 150 people. This is one Group that we are assisting with sponsoring. Anyone wishing to assist either physically or financially can get a hold on us any time. Many properties are now being maintained by Mowing rather than by Bush Hog.  Grass is growing throughout the area.  Over 200 more coconut trees have been planted. We have removed just about every stone on 130 parcels which allows us to utilize more equipment in our maintenance operations. Most of this stone was added to our jetties.

We receive really nice comments all the time on our entry gate.  We continue to add more plants to this area. The Mini-Golf by the main entry is completed, now it will just take time for all the grass we planted to take over. Our signage at the entry is also very easily seen by the daily flights to and from Corozal.

The woodshop is also fully functional with product being completed daily.  We have cedar, mahogany, cabbage bark as well as a few other woods in inventory.  We added a 30KW generator to this project to ensure the woodshop has plenty of power. We are being asked by neighbors to perform some work for them.

Paradise Development Ltd started work on our 4th home on parcel 824. Another owner is expected in this month and will also be looking to start construction this year. A couple others are already working on designs and plans. One other home is currently out for bids.

We are using a couple other sources for products as we move further through construction.  Sherwin-Williams in Orange Walk has a very good roof sealer and a great selection of interior and exterior paint. Landy’s and L & R, also in Orange Walk have a larger selection and inventory of electrical products and plumbing supplies than the vendors in Corozal. We continue to use Benny’s in Belize City for our steel and large orders.

The government is back again working on the main access road to Cerros. They are clearing approximately 30 feet of bush on both sides of the road. Fill, compacting and grading is also being done.

We have relocated the cutoff from this road to the road to Cerros Sands and Cerros Beach Resort.  We are working with the Roads department to elevate this area so that we do not have any issues with heavy rain.  We also are working with another property to create more drainage for this roadway.


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