La Isla Bonita – Ambergris Caye Belize

La Isla Bonita, I’m sure many of you have heard about this beautiful island known as la Isla Bonita, since it’s one of the most visited islands by tourists.  The name of this island is San Pedro which is a town in the southern part in the island of Ambergris Caye, in Belize Central America.  This island is so famous due to all the activities and fun trips experienced by so many.  Top hotels and resorts, restaurants and bars and of course the two famous clubs, Jaguars and Fido’s.  Madonna and Derek Jeter as well as many other celebrities have taken time out of her busy schedule to come explore this beautiful island and it is said that San Pedro gave her the inspiration; hence, she wrote the song “La Isla Bonita”.

Ambergris Caye

La Isla Bonita –Ambergris Caye

La Isla Bonita, San Pedro guarantees to give you the experience of a lifetime, whether visitors go by boat or plane all that matters is arriving safely.  Walking on the beach sides and feeling the sand tingle between your toes, feeling the fresh air and enjoying the coolness of the blue sea, it’s just the beginning.  There is also snorkeling at our biggest living barrier reef in the world, appreciating nature as it is.  Scuba diving is also a famous activity along with parasailing, wind surfing, swimming with the nurse sharks! It’s all a blessing from nature and all of this are just some of the reasons San Pedro is known as La Isla bonita.  So much attraction and fascination cannot be kept a secret.   All of this was meant to be enjoyed by us all, and Cerros Sands Waterfront Community is your first step.  Think about the amount of fun you can be having right now, relaxing in your lovely home the way you designed it, and taking trips to Corozal Town, the Corozal Freezone and what’s more, just picking up your phone and making a call to book your flight to San Pedro, La Isla Bonita.  It can all be yours, but you have to start slowly and make the first step.  Contact Mark Leonard and get started with your home plans at Cerros Sands, because Cerros Sands is simply the best!

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