Living in Belize – 7 Key Facts Every Expat Should Know

Belize is rapidly becoming one of the top countries to invest in or retire thanks to a combination of great weather, an abundance of low-cost flights, and generous residency programs.

Here are 7 key facts every expat should know about living in Belize.

Caribbean Rhythms

Life in Belize moves at a more human pace where few people adhere to clocks or strict punctuality. Even the phrase “right now” generally means “in a couple of hours.” Casual dress is the norm, and you’ll rarely see anyone wearing a suit and tie.

Owning Your Own Business

Belize’s QRP program allows qualifying individuals to easily gain residency in Belize. Once you’re a legal resident, you can open your own business, and Belize imposes no capital gains taxes.


In a nutshell, the weather in Belize is very similar to south Florida. There’s never any snow or ice, but the humidity averages around 83%. Also, there’s no such thing as “winter” or “summer”, only the dry and green seasons.


Belize has hundreds of miles of coastline and hundreds of offshore islands, but not all beaches are made the same. Some beaches are located on protected nature reserves while others are rocky and covered with vegetation. The most beautiful white sand beaches are found at Hopkins, Placencia, and some of the islands like Goff’s Caye.


Wireless coverage is adequate but most of the time internet speeds are quite slow. Be prepared to pay a lot for a little, although many retirees find that spending less time online is a far healthier choice.

Fresh Food

Imported food is expensive, but Belize has a strong agricultural sector. You can easily find lots of organic fruits and vegetables sold in the local open-air markets. Food grown in Belize includes citrus fruits, pineapple, cashews, cacao (the main ingredient in chocolate), bananas, mangoes, and papaya. Belize also has an active fishing industry so items like fish, conch, and lobster are tasty and very affordable.


Belize has almost no manufacturing sector, so shopping can be expensive, and there are no malls anywhere in the country. The best shopping district in the country is in Belize City, but for residents of Corozal in the north, crossing into Mexico is the best bet for finding familiar retailers like Walmart and Sam’s Club.

Cerros Sands is a great place to live, retire, or invest in Belize.


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