Living in a Gated Community in Belize

Over the past 10 years, gated community living has become popular amongst expats living in Belize.

Gated communities offer much more than just security. Developed from the outset with a full range of attractive features like recreation centers, restaurants, boat docks, and lush green spaces, gated communities where expats congregate also become social hubs.

An additional benefit of living in a gated community is that it offers greater stability in terms of protecting and improving the value of your property. In a secure environment, you can enjoy greater peace of mind when away from your property. And as the red-hot tourist market continues to grow, so too will property values continue to rise as more and more people discover the benefits of owning property in Belize.

Another characteristic of gated communities in Belize is that they are often located in some of the choicest real estate in the country. Unlike gated communities in the United States which can charge exorbitant membership fees, most communities in Belize are very affordable.

Houses in Cerros Sands

One of the benefits of owning property in Cerros Sands is that you have complete freedom to build the house of your dreams. Local law requires you to hire a Belizean engineer and architect, but you can bring in any builder you like.

For interested property owners, our in-house construction firm, Paradise Development Limited, can build your perfect home according to your exact specifications.

Fly and Buy Travel Program

We’re so confident that you’ll love living here that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. Cerros Sands will reimburse up to $2,000 in travel expenses for individuals who visit and purchase a land parcel.

Best of all, the Cerros Sands Fly and Buy travel program is available year-round.

Beach Bar and Restaurant

One of the most popular spots in Cerros Sands is Francesca’s Beach Bar and Restaurant.

Located just steps from the water, this lovely thatched-roof bar and restaurant serves up a mouthwatering array of savory snacks and delicious drinks.

For your convenience, the entire Cerros Sands property has an extensive channel system for residents who want to travel by boat, including to the dock at Francesca’s. Popular with visitors and locals alike, Francesca’s features more than 300 feet of beachfront, a wide variety of water sports, and lots of tasty food.

Francesca’s currently opens on Sunday’s at 10 am for brunch.

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