7 Reasons Why Living in Belize is Awesome!

Many people considering moving to Belize often ask questions about what life is like in this small Caribbean nation. Although there are some big differences, you’ll soon realize that the pros far outweigh the cons.

The Atmosphere

There’s something almost magical about the “vibe” or the atmosphere in Belize. It’s as if suddenly your cares all melt away, and you forget why you used to get so stressed. Sure, punctuality isn’t a word many people live by, but you quickly get used to the laid-back pace and easygoing atmosphere where people are always in a good mood.

The Weather

The good news is that it never snows in Belize. Even at the highest elevations, it never freezes, and the only place you’ll find ice in Belize is in your drinks.

That being said, the weather can be a bit different unless you hail from South Florida. Humidity is usually quite high, and there can be some long stretches of rain, especially during September and October.

The Beaches

Many people count themselves lucky if they visit a beach once a year. In Belize, the beaches are never far away, and there are hundreds of miles of coastline. Best of all, there’s always a secluded place to walk, search for seashells, or simply admire the view.

The Fresh Food

Until you try the food in Belize, you won’t know what you’re missing. Even something as simple as a pineapple or a banana simply tastes better because it’s fresh from the tree instead of having spent weeks or months in transit.

The Jungle

The jungle is kind of like a broadleaf forest found in more temperate zones except that it has about 100 times the concentration of plant and animal life. Don’t be surprised if you see more than 50 different birds in a single morning.

The Cost of Living

Frankly, unless you can’t live without expensive imported foods, life in Belize is very affordable. Even internet services, which used to be expensive, are now quite affordable. Hiring domestic help, eating out, and locally grown food are all inexpensive.

Be prepared to pay more for electricity, however, unless you’re living off the grid. And rents in tourist areas like Ambergris Caye can be quite expensive.

The Activities

It’s astonishing how much there is to do in Belize, all feasible in a single day, including kayaking, zip lining, hiking, bird watching, rock climbing, windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, and many, many more.

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