Living in Belize Vs. USA and Canada

There are countless reasons to visit Belize. From its hospitable native population to its abundance of gorgeous scenery, Belize is a true tropical wonderland. But too many Americans and Canadians think of Belize as simply a place to vacation rather than an opportunity to build a future. If you’re looking for a great place to buy real estate or move for retirement, Belize should be at the top of your list.

A large part of that is due to how refreshingly affordable Belize is, and that trickles down to practically every living expense. On average, rent prices are 76% lower in Belize than they are in the United States, but that can of course vary significantly depending on where you choose to live. Many expats have made comfortable lives for themselves in regions like Corozal, Cayo, and Sittee River, where $20,000 is enough money to buy a plot of land. Depending on your budget, then build a home that suits your requirements on that property. But even living the high life is comparatively inexpensive. Resort-style living options with pools and a sea view can be had in luxury markets like Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, and Placencia will be many times that price. As for condos, a nice three bed and three bath can be had for $1,300, while apartments in the more cost-effective regions listed above can be found for half that price. 

But one of the great things about living in Belize is that you’ll find yourself thinking about money less than you will back in Canada or the States. The culture of Belize is refreshingly less materialistic than those of their neighbors up north, and jobs are largely seen as less of an identifying personality trait. More accessible public transit has caused many to trade in cars for bikes or golf carts, but the sustainable and humble model of consumption is most refreshingly reflected in how Belizeans consume food and drink. While residents have access to American imports, much of the daily food consumption in Belize comes from the farmers markets which are available in abundance and can offer local and high-quality food for barely half of what you’d pay in North America. Drinks can be had for two or three dollars, while a filling meal can set you back as little as five. All told, restaurant prices average about half those of their competitors in North America.

If you’re looking to buy a property in Belize, you shouldn’t do it alone. Cerros Sands offers a variety of different properties, and we can work with you to find a home that matches your needs and your budget.

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