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Cerros Sands is a great place to live, retire and invest in Belize!

What’s missing at Cerros Sands?
Everything you want to leave behind

  • Stress. It doesn’t exist here unless you want it to.
  • Boredom. You’ll need two calendars to keep up with your “must do and see” list.
  • Colds, flu and more. If the inexpensive, fresh-picked produce and seafood plus myriad opportunities to get great exercise don’t keep you healthy, nothing will.
  • Loneliness. Your world will fill with like-minded people eager for new friendships.
  • Pressure. From the window of your new home, survey your kingdom, knowing that living at Cerros Sands isn’t everything you hoped for; it’s so much more!

Are you intrigued? You should be right now and if the urge to find a buyer for your current home strikes, remember that we warned you about falling in love with Cerros Sands, a residential community that surpasses even your wildest dreams and expectations!

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