Living in the beautiful country of Belize is quite an experience.

Living in the beautiful country of Belize is quite an experience.  Making your move to Cerros Sands Waterfront community is where it starts.  Making plans for your dream home just the perfect way to make you feel at home.  It’s time to get away from all the busy traffic and all sorts of pollution and better be fond of what nature has to offer you, here in the Northern part of the country of Belize, Central America.  

However making the decision to move to another country takes a little bit more than just the heart and wanting to have a calmer life.  Some paper work must be dealt with and all including land papers that you might be interested to buy, taking look at plans of houses available along with Mark Leonard, CEO and President of Cerros Sands Waterfront Community and most importantly the requirements needed to enter our beautiful country, Belize Central America.

Living in the beautiful country of Belize is quite an experience.

For Belizeans to go visit other countries in the USA it is necessary to apply for a tourist visa, however it is not always guaranteed to be eligible for one.  On the other hand US citizens visiting our country a visa is  not required, but you must have a valid passport. If your plans are to be a part of this beautiful country of ours and start a fresh, calm life and become a permanent citizen, monthly visits to Immigration for 30 day stamps are required. Already being in Belize with the mindset of permanently living here, you must pay an amount of $25 USD monthly for residency stamps for the first six months and for the next six months the amount of  $50 USD is required after which your application for permanent residency can be done.  

What are you waiting for? Retire in this great country and get your residency now.  Be a part of Cerros Sands Waterfront Community because it’s simply the best!

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