Living the Green Life in Beautiful Belize

Belize is rapidly becoming the most forward-looking countries in terms of taking pro-active steps to protect its environment. On February 18, 2018, the government of Belize announced that it will impose a 45-square mile (110-square kilometer) biological corridor in the northeast of the country.

Although more than half of Belize‘s territory is already a protected conservation area, the new biological corridor will allow wildlife to safely transit from the coastal dry forest environment of the Shiperstern Nature Reserve and the more humid tropical forests of the Freshwater Creek Forest Reserve.

Strict laws in place protect animals in existing conservation areas, but the new corridor will give wildlife free passage without having to cross through agricultural lands, villages, or over roadways. The biological corridor also includes privately-owned land, and the new law is seen as a breakthrough in cooperation between the government of Belize, conservation NGOs, and private landowners. The privately-owned land will be put into a perpetual trust and operated according to national conservation laws.

The creation of the biological corridor comes on the heels of the Belizean government’s decision in December 2017 to ban all oil exploration and drilling on the barrier reef. The permanent ban on oil drilling in the reef is designed to protect the fragile coral ecosystem of the Belize Barrier Reef. Coral reefs constitute just 1% of the ocean’s surface yet are home to one-quarter of all marine life.

One of the most beautiful and pristine areas of Belize to live in is the community of Cerros Sands. Located on right on the Bay of Chetumal across from the island of Ambergris Caye, Cerros Sands is an entirely “off-the-grid” community that is solely reliant on 100% green, sustainable energy sources.

Cerros Sands offers residents the comforts of modern life in an idyllic Caribbean setting. And with the government of Belize‘s strong commitment to protecting the environment, real estate in Cerros Sands is an excellent investment as well as a prime location for a vacation home or retirement destination. Cerros Sands is just a short distance from the new biological corridor as well as some of the most exquisite, unspoiled natural areas in the country, home to a huge variety of bird, animal, and plant life.

Cerros Sands has homes, condominiums, and waterfront lots available starting at just $17,700 and offers financing at very attractive rates. For more information about enjoying the “green” life in Belize, contact Cerros Sands today.

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